Brand Story

In 2006 when cafés were generally regarded as luxurious places to drink coffee, Paik’s Coffee started as a small café to provide customers with service-level coffees at the food alley in Nonhyeon-dong. After continuous research and development, Paik’s Coffee has established itself as the best café for consumers in terms of cost-effectiveness with 24oz bulk coffees, reasonable prices, and amazing quality.

This café is situated all over the streets and catch people’s eyes with witty menus such as Americano, Orange Drink, and Corn Crunch Ice Cream and its cute exterior decorated with a clear contrast of blue and yellow. Paik’s Coffee is a comfortable coffee shop with tasty drinks, which is like a friend who makes you happy whenever you meet.



True friends are never apart maybe in distance but never in Paik’s Coffee. The birth of an old friend-like café for you and your friends.