Brand Story

Opened in 2006 by celebrity chef Jong Won Paik, Paik’s Coffee has become one of the most popular and largest coffee chains in Korea. In hopes of creating a high quality coffee culture, Paik’s Coffee uses specialty coffee beans from the Beloso Farm in Brazil as well as “Barista’s Milk” so that you can enjoy a cup of silky and flavourful coffee. 

Knowing that customers seek change and excitement, Paik’s Coffee also develops and releases popular items every season. With a variety of flavours from the basics like Iced Americano to creative flavours like the Chunky Walnut Froyo, Paik’s Coffee aims to serve every coffee-lover with a premium cup of coffee for their daily coffee fix.



With new and trendy drinks always awaiting you, never feel like you are missing out. Even with your friends, let Paik's Coffee be where you catch up with them while relishing a cup of coffee.