Brand Story

A Gan Guo Kui sells Guo Kui which is a pizza-like street snack that originated from China, Hubei Jingzhou City over 1000 years ago. To preserve the originality of this traditional snack we use the original ancient charcoal roasting method to provide the closest original experience to our consumers. 

Choose from different sweet and savoury fillings to meet your cravings for the day. Here we also emphasise on the crispiness of our Guo Kui. Hence, every Guo Kui made freshly upon order.  Indulge in a snack that will be crispy and flavourful with every bite.



Keeping traditions alive. By introducing this snack in Singapore, A Gan Guo Kui seeks to spread the love for Guo Kui outside of China. We have also modelling the traditional way of how the Guo Kui is made with the hope of giving our consumers a gleam and a taste of the past.