Brand Story

Gong Yuan Ma La Tang is a 100% locally owned brand that was established in 2017. To provide a unique Ma La cuisine experience while retaining the authenticity of the local fan favourite dish. We offer drinkable Ma La soup bases that do not leave a greasy or overwhelming aftertaste. To ensure that, we constantly refine our soup bases through customer’s feedback as well as research and developments. 

We understand that different people have different dietary needs and spice preferences. Hence, we have other soup bases such as Mushroom, Pork bone, Tomato and Pickled Vegetable soup bases for those who do not enjoy spices. We have also come up with a vegetarian friendly soup for our vegetarian consumers.



Eat till you drop. At Gong Yuan Ma La Tang, be welcomed by a fast and casual dining experience when you drop by for a meal. Satisfy your cravings for a hearty bowl of soup here today!