Brand Story

NeNe Chicken was founded in South Korea in 1999. Serving with their heart ever since, NeNe Chicken quickly became one of the local’s favourite Korean fried chicken brand. Finding success in Korea, NeNe chicken came to Singapore in 2012. With more than 1,000 NeNe Chicken outlets in Korea to date, Singapore proudly hosts NeNe Chicken’s first international outlet. 


Yes! Yes! That is what NeNe means in Korean. NeNe Chicken’s mouth watering creations will get you saying “Yes!” after the first bite. NeNe Chicken offers a range of crispy fried chicken coated with a delectable selection of secret recipe sauces, each with its own distinct flavour and character. In Singapore, NeNe chicken offers unique local creations such as the Rendang Burger and Cheese Pull. 


Delight in our authentic Korean fried chicken and flavorful sauces. At NeNe Chicken, prepare to not only immerse yourself in a gastronomical experience at NeNe Chicken that would put a smile to your face.



NeNe Chicken will always be a Happy Choice! 

The delightful red heart is an adaptation from the chicken crest which symbolizes the main product of the brand and the love of food and people. NeNe Chicken believes in spreading positivity through delicious food. At NeNe Chicken, we embrace the joy of sharing a good meal with friends and family. Through constant improvement and research, we aim to bring the best Korean fried chicken to the masses.