Brand Story

Founded in an eatery alley of Gangnam in 1993, Bornga has been serving authentic Korean dishes to countries all over the world. They provide high-quality traditional Korean food at reasonable prices. Bornga’s menu is a carefully researched assortment of Korean dishes which were developed by its founder, Baek Jong-won, through years of research. Baek Jong-won is a well respected celebrity chef in Korea. Having joined many variety programs and written many books, he has become a model for many who enjoy cooking. 

Bornga’s black and gold theme exudes an air of abundance and elegance. The piquant smell and the sizzling sounds of the meat will fill the air once you step into Bornga. You will be spoilt for choice with the variety of food on Bornga’s menu. If you want to discover a new world of the Korean cuisine, don’t miss out on Bornga.



Bornga is determined to keep the traditional Korean culture alive by providing Korean dishes which satisfies the palate of all their customers as well as exceptional service of which the staff will barbeque meat for you. By innovating, Bornga creates authentic Korean dishes which are well liked by both locals and foreigners alike.