Goodbye Gong Cha, hello LiHO

The man who introduced Gong Cha to Singapore is now taking the bold step of removing every single outlet of the popular bubble tea brand to replace it with his own made-in- Singapore creation.


Mr Rodney Tang has already converted more than 30 Gong Cha outlets here to sell a new range of bubble tea under the LiHo brand.


The remaining outlets will soon follow and, by June 5, all 80 Gong Cha outlets islandwide will have been replaced by LiHo, which is Hokkien for "how are you?"


To be sure, this was not a decision he made lightly.


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LiHO TEA launches Taro Soy Latte in The Michelin Street Food Festival!

Taro has always been one of the favorite drink choices for Singaporeans and LiHO TEA has launched healthier option for our customers where fresh taro is being used instead of powdered taro.

Our Taro paste is made from 100% pure taro without any preservatives. Unlike other taro paste, we use a traditional method and is handmade daily. From peeling the taro, slicing and then steaming them to the ideal consistency before mashing and frying them into the taro paste that goes inside our drink.

This Taro Soy series was exclusively launched in The Michelin Street Food Festival 2019 and has received very positive feedbacks from both locals and foreigners

Currently launched in 15 outlets:
1. MBS
2. JEM
3. NEX
4. Vivo City
5. Bugis+
6. White Sands
7. Bedok Mall
8. Jurong Point 1
9. Suntec City L3
10. Tampines Hub
11. Northpoint
12. Causeway Point
13. Square 2
14. Clementi Mall
15. Orchard Gateway

Choices includes:

  • Original Taro Soy Latte + Taro Ball

Soy milk is used instead of fresh milk in this beverage to give Singaporeans a new and unique taste profile. The rich soy flavors surprisingly compliment the Taro to give our customers an exceptional experience.  


  • Blossom Taro Soy Latte + Taro Ball

Osmanthus is added into this version of our beverage; Osmanthus flower is known for its light floral aroma, packed with many health benefits. This drink would definitely pique the interest of customers who enjoy a unique twist in their beverage.


The Life Interview with Rodney Tang: LiHO boss sold his flat to start first Gong Cha outlet

Eager for The Straits Times to try his favourite drink, Busy Bee Guan Yin tea, Mr Rodney Tang - the managing director of RTG Holdings, which owns local bubble tea chain LiHO - strides purposefully to an outlet at Nex mall to place his special order. On the menu, it says Busy Bee Green Tea, but the tea can be changed with an additional 10 cents, he says.


It looks like he pays for the drinks, but then you dismiss the thought immediately.


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LiHO – Goodbye Gong Cha. Let’s Have Some (Fattening) Cheese Tea!

The top picks at LihO include Lychee Jing Syuan Tea, Fresh Lemon Juice Kanten and Golden Ai Yu, Golden Yuzu Juice and Golden Ai Yu, and Vitagen ‘n’ Peach.


However, people are really looking out for the Cheese Tea, in which a foamy cheese mix will be added to the top of the drinks.


There are also Cheese Smoothies of Mango, Yam, Chocolate and Ovaltine, if high calorie and sugar count have never been your nemesis.


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Introducing New Dragonfruit Drinks

LiHO's Dragonfruit series has officially launched and they have 2 new drinks - Cheese Dragonfruit Smoothie & Dragonfruit Green Tea!


If you haven't heard, LiHO is Singapore's first home grown freshly brewed tea brand and first to introduce Cheese Tea to the market.


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NeNe Chicken


New 50cm Hotplate Chicken Is The Newest Cheese Pull

Dip your fried chicken into a molten cheese dip for the ultimate NeNe Cheese Pull. The hotplate also comes with a Korean soy chicken stew, curly fries and 3 different sauces!


Cheese lovers, this is nirvana for you. You’ll never be disappointed with second-rate versions that break apart just as you’re getting that desired pull length. Despite its weight, the dip still gave us a taut sheet of perfectly elastic cheese ribbons - even as we pulled the chicken to our chins.


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Cleo - Eat Out

Don't Chicken Out.

You might think Korean fried chicken is just the craze of the 'mo. But NeNe Chicken looks set to be a stronger player in the market for a long time to come. There's one thing that distinguishes Korean friend chicken - its's deep-fried twice to leave a thin and crispy - but never oily - batter. At NeNe Chicken, it remains crisp even after it has been coated with sauce, which is not too shabby as well.


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Time Out Singapore


BBC - Good Food

In the last 12 years, NeNe Chicken has become one of Korea's most widespread fast food chicken eateries (it has 1,003 outlets in South-Korea). Now riding along the K-wave, the sauce-coated chicken specialist has opened its first outlet in Singapore.


The outlet offers a selection of chicken cuts like wings, tenders and whole chicken, in four basic falvours: Black Sesame Tender, Green Onion Tender, Swicy (sweet and spicy), and Freaking Hot. Deep-fried chicken is smothered in the sauce of your choice and retains its crispiness to the last bite.


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8Days Eat

Frequent flyers to Korea are probably familiar with NeNe Chicken, one of the biggest fast food chook chains there with over 1,000 outlets.


Founded in 1999 as a humble food delivery service, 'NeNe' may sound ride in Singlish, but it really means 'Yes,yes' in Korean, a reference to its accommodating service. They even have an item called 'NeNe Pop' (hur hur!), which is a cup of fizzy soft drink fitted with a little bowl of mini hash brown and popcorn chicken on top.


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Paik’s Coffee


Popular Korean Café Chain Arrives In Singapore!

Paik’s Coffee, is a relative newcomer that first opened its doors earlier this year at Mapletree Business City.


Bringing a slice of the vibrant Korean cafe culture to our sunny shores, Paik’s Coffee’s menu consists of delicious café treats ranging from unique beverages to icy desserts.


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Cheap, Big Cups of Korean Coffee at Tiong Bahru Plaza!

The Korean Coffee chain has just opened both Paik’s Bibim and Paik’s Coffee at the revamped Tiong Bahru Plaza Level 2 food street.

The chain is actually owned by Korean celebrity chef Jong Wan PAIK, who is also behind Korean BBQ concept Bornga.


Paik’s Coffee is distinctive from the rest of the Korean coffee chains in terms of price point, 15cm tall cup size and the bright colours.

A cup of Iced Americano is priced at $3 whereas a cup of Iced Latte at $4, cheaper than other coffee chains.

Size wise, at approximately 500ml a cup (that’s half a litre!).


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Paik’s Coffee liven up the Korean casual dining scene in Singapore

For those who prefer an icy cup of joe over the traditional hot alternative, get your money’s worth and a sizeable caffeine boost with the towering Paik’s Original Coffee. Seemingly a normal cup of coffee with an abundance of ice, we were pleasantly surprised by the unique malty flavor of Paik’s Korean coffee mix used in the preparation of the drink.


Red Bean Snowflake is Paik’s Coffee’s contribution to the booming shaved ice dessert/bingsoo scene in Singapore. Traditional Bingsoo usually comes in a relatively large portion, designed to be shared and is slightly pricier than other desserts, but Red Bean Snowflake overturns the stereotype as it is cheap, tasty, and moderately portioned.


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Woo Ricebox


A Taste of Taiwanese Rice Boxes at Raffles Place.

Woo Ricebox, a popular bento (便當) chain from Taiwan, first arrived in Singapore in 2013 at Ocean Financial Centre in Raffles Place.


Woo scored with its Signature Braised Pork Ricebox that it uses medium-grain rice, which soaks up all the fatty juices from the minced pork. To cater to health conscious Singaporeans, there is even the option of “lean” minced pork for the same low price for a rice box.


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Woo Ricebox: From Taichung to Jurong Point

Taiwanese food fare and sides makes for a rather budget friendly meal. Especially when it comes to dining in the heartlands.


New to the menu is Woo's Pork Chop Noodles. Toss it when its still hot and you're very much guaranteed a delectable bowl of sauce coated noodles boosted with the likes of thin fried pork chop and braised egg.


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Leading Korean BBQ Brand Opens in Singapore

This new Korean BBQ restaurant has just opened its doors in The Star Vista, firing up the stakes in Singapore’s growing Korean BBQ-dining scene.


With every meal here, the restaurant serves a long tray of fresh raw vegetables for us to wrap the BBQ meats or kimchi for a refreshing bite. We instantly felt very healthy when this long tray of vegetables arrived on our table. It has got about 10 varieties of vegetables!


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The Korean BBQ You Should Be Going To

BORNGA, Korea’s leading chain of authentic BBQ restaurants, opened their second outlet in May 2013 at VivoCity, following the successful launch of its first outlet in mid October 2012 at the Star Vista mall.


BORNGA’s top seller, Woo Samgyup. This is Chef Paik’s patented recipe of thinly-sliced beef seasoned in BORNGA’s secret marinade. Unlike the typical Korean BBQ dish bulgogi which usually appears dull after marinating for at least half a day in a dark-coloured sauce, BORNGA’s Woo Samgyup is served shortly after being doused in the unique BORNGA dressing that retains the meat’s natural colour while enhancing the traditional bulgogi taste.


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A little more on Bornga- it is the brainchild of Jong Won Paik

With the start of each meal at Bornga, or any decent Korean restaurant, diners would be greeted with a slew of Banchan (small plates). The dishes vary from day to day, and each restaurant would have their own signatures. These are refillable too.


Bornga will also be opening a second outlet in Vivo City so keep a look out.


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Seoi Gor


Team Behind Gong Cha (Now LiHo) Opens Hong Kong Café At Holland Drive

It was strange to find a Hong Kong café Seoi Gor Cafe 水哥冰室 in the middle of 45 Holland Drive, and its red green signage resembling those in the streets of Mongkok just popped out. Like it was not supposed to belong there.


Interestingly, Seoi Gor Cafe 水哥冰室 is operated by RTG Holdings, the team behind Gong Cha (and now LiHo) in Singapore.


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Get Your Dose Of HK Scrambled Eggs On Toast At This Mini Cha Chaan Teng Hidden In Holland Drive

Tucked at Holland Drive, once you step into Seoi Gor Cafe 水哥冰室, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to Hong Kong – with a red green neon signboard, retro floor tiles and graphic wallpapers that resembles any ubiquitous cha chan tengs in Hong Kong.


Here at Seoi Gor Cafe 水哥冰室, you can find your favourite Hong Kong snacks and dishes ranging from iced milk tea, rice, noodles and not forgetting the traditional Hong Kong toast.


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