Brand Story

LiHO was established in 2017 by Royal T Group. LiHO 里喝 means, “how are you?” in the Chinese dialect – Hokkien. Hence, what we are trying to achieve with this brand and the name LiHO, is to show that despite the differences in language, culture, beliefs and habits among different races in Singapore, a simple greeting of LiHO can bond us together. That is what LiHO signify – a proud Singapore Kiosk tea beverage brand that every Singaporean can relate to.

In LiHO we are not selling just a beverage but an experience, a feeling. We provide premium quality drinks for Singaporeans and more!


Our Signature Beverage

A good cup of tea can leave us reminiscing about the taste. And we at LiHO believe that a good cup of tea topped off with our Cheese will leave you surprised, delighted and craving for more. Hence, LiHO is founded by a belief that delicious cheese tea & beverages should be available to everyone conveniently anywhere, anytime.


SAY CHEESE! – Besides having cheese teas and beverages as the main reason for the slogan, it also bring smiles and cheers for a photography every time. Thus, bringing the people and world closer with our quality tea and beverages.