Brand Story

Ever since LiHO TEA’s establishment in 2017 by Royal T Group, LiHO TEA has signified a proud Singapore tea beverage brand that every Singaporean can relate to. LiHO 里喝 means “How are you?” in dialect. With this simple greeting accompanied with our LiHO TEA beverages, we hope to bring Singaporeans and people from all walks of life together.

Let LiHO TEA be your daily go-to choice. Never get bored with the wide variety of flavours and unique seasonal concoctions. It is time to get ready and be daring to explore. Because at LiHO TEA, we are not just selling a drink. We are bringing you an experience. A feeling. An adventure.


Our SpecialTEA

If it's your first time at LiHO TEA, we got you covered. Some of our Signature drinks include Earl Grey Milk Tea, Da Hong Pao Milk Tea and our Avocado Series. Never go wrong with the classic. Give our fragrant Earl Grey Milk Tea a go. Craving for a more distinct tea taste? Try our Da Hong Pao where we infuse our premium Da Hong Pao tea leaves with milk to bring out an aromatic and rich taste. If you are an avocado fan, do not miss out on our Avocado Series! Never get bored with our different Avocado blends. Be refreshed by this superfood in a cup! 

Indulge yourself in the taste of our LiHO TEA topped with CheezHO. LiHO TEA was the first bubble tea brand who brought in CheezHO in 2017. CheezHO is a melt-in-your-mouth fluffy light cream that tastes sweet with a tinge of saltiness.


The Only Tea

LiHO TEA hopes to bring smiles with every drink we make. To ensure that our teas are aromatic and smooth, we only brew premium tea leaves. At LiHO TEA, we are on a constant search for perfection. Through researching and exploring new and bold flavours, we believe that we can bring about unique and exciting experiences for our customers.