Brand Story

Sin Gan Tian was opened for business in mid 2019 as a Chinese dessert shop which later evolved into a Western dessert shop. Now offering Acai bowly, Acai drink, yogurt bowly and yogurt drink, Sin Gan Tian hopes to satisfy your dessert cravings with our healthy mixes. 

By adding some Chinese elements within the Western dessert, we created our very own acai pearls. As the very first dessert brand with our own acai pearls, we hope to bring to you a chewy acai experience. Topped with various fruits, Coconut shreds and Coconut ice cream, every mouthful of Sin Gan Tian’s desserts will be a guilty-free treat.



We create each dessert from our hearts to bring plenty of sweetness to you.  Put your worries aside and satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings with our healthy desserts like Acai and Yogurt at Sin Gan Tian.