Brand Story

Inspired by Hong Kong’s 80s Era, Seoi Gor sets out to be a contemporary Hong Kong Cha Chan Teng that warms the heart. Cha Chan teng, usually translated as “Hong Kong –style teahouse”, a unique result of history and the meeting of cultures. These coffee-shop style dinners are where Hong Kong people sate their appetite for almost anything at any time.

Seoi Gor is a cosy cafe that is akin to a Hong Kong Cafe in the 80s. It provide comfort food that soothes the soul. While the style of the cafe is nothing over the top, Seoi Gor believe in the simplicity of comfort food with utmost care and dedication is what warms the soul of workers in a busy city.



We bring you authentic Hong Kong meal with utmost care, a kind of local eatery in Hong Kong that serves comfort food at affordable prices.